Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Boo-tique is ALIVE!

The Boo-tique section of the website is now live, I hope you agree it looks lovely, the only visual bit I can take credit for is the banner. Clare and Suna did an amazing job of designing everything else and the difficult bit.......... making it work!

We are selling a slightly different version of the illustartion in the shop, called 'Lets' Play Shop' available as a 16" by 20" print. I have wanted to draw a Belle & Boo and woodland creatures illustration ever since seeing this beautiful Jen Corace's illustartion that she did for an online shop (that is sadly no more) Mahar Dried Goods. It always makes me feel cosy when I look at her illustration and reminds me of a lovely evening watching 'Where the Wild Things Are' in a woods in Auckland (& then again in a park in Sydney, I love that story!)

'Let's Play Shop'

On a personal note the boys are loving their new Anorak ponchos as is their moma!



Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Parties // Scarlet's 5th Birthday

We were speechless last month when we saw these photos from a Belle & Boo party from one of our instagram followers and fan, Claire, of Claire Murdoch Photography.

Her beautiful daughter Scarlet celebrated her 5th birthday, with a group of her friends, in style with a Belle & Boo themed party.

The party was styled by Claire. Monique at Crafty Cakes in Melbourne made the cup cakes & Boo cookies pictured. Clever Claire made the cake that has us all salivating!

Get the look:
Unfortunately all other items (such as loot bags, banner, plates etc) are now sold out from our website but may still be in stock at other local or online retailers. 

If you've had a Belle & Boo themed party then we'd love to see the photos. We always check the #belleandboo hashtag on instagram so you can label your photos on there or email them to us here.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

The 'Boo-tique'

A long, long ,long time ago I mentioned to Kate I was hankering back to my early Etsy days, don't get me wrong I am immensely proud of what we have achieved with Belle & Boo, sometimes I have to pinch myself, but I was missing that handmade, limited edition, crafted-ness!
So after a long, long, long, long, long time, a lot of chats, cups of tea and internet browsing, we have set up Belle & Boo Boo-tique, due to be launched next Friday.

I approached artists, designers & friends that I admire and asked them if they would like to be involved in the Boo-tique and the response was wonderful, they range from full time professional creatives to friends that I think have a wonderful eye for vintage finds or have hidden craft talents that need to be shared.
Here are a few photos to tease you, I will be blogging about each designer in more detail along the way but for now I hope you are a little bit excited, I am a lot excited!

Mandy x

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

"Best Shop Display" Winner

We recently ran a little competition amongst our wholesale customers for the "Best Belle & Boo Shop Display".  We are proud to announce that the winner was Buttercup, a boutique in Whitstable!

Be sure to pop in to Buttercup if you're ever in Whitstable. Mary-Jane stocks so many beautiful products, you're really in for a treat!

 Mary-Jane, the shop proprietor, was delighted to hear the news of her win and sent us a very touching email, which I hope she doesn't mind me sharing here.

"That's the best and most wonderful news we could have had at Buttercup - we are totally thrilled and delighted !!!!

Thank you all, at Belle and Boo, sooooo very, very much.

We really didn't expect to win - but we love Belle and Boo at Buttercup and love the fact that it fits so well in an independent store - something very dear to our hearts.

Today, we have been painting the inside of the store - to give it a freshen up - so I hadn't looked at my e-mails. It was a brilliant surprise to come back to - after a long and wearying day …we had just put the Belle and Boo wall stickers up on the newly painted walls and decided it was time to go home for supper..!!

Can't wait to place my order and have lots more Belle and Boo treats, at Buttercup, to sell to our lovely customers.

I just wanted to add that it is all the more poignant for me, as it has been a difficult few months for me personally - as I have lost both my mother and my father - who both loved Buttercup and who believed wholeheartedly in what I am doing, in running Buttercup. They always loved all the beautiful products, which I frequently took to their home to show them - my mum was housebound - 'though I did bring her to the shop in her wheelchair sometimes - just to show her the lovely products that we talked about and to see them in store.

I had read The Goodnight Kiss to her - she was partially sighted, as I had told her that my niece loved it - so she wanted to hear it.  She loved it…

My daughter Sophie helped with the photographs - she sometimes works in the shop. I have the best assistants ever - Oywah - my other assistant, is brilliant at merchandising  - they have been a true lifeline, through all the ups and downs - and fully supportive of promoting and merchandising Belle and Boo and all the products that I buy, sell and love. I couldn't have done it without them both. "

Congratulations Mary-Jane and the Buttercup team. We're so glad that lovely shops like yours love Belle & Boo!

Friday, 28 March 2014

National Stationery Week

We are getting very excited for National Stationery Week, which is celebrated in the UK 31st March- 6th April.

The aim of National Stationery Week is "to get people talking about stationery and pens. And, of course, to encourage more people to write by hand".

We are all for writing and creating by hand here at Belle & Boo so to help get you involved in National Stationery Week we are offering 15% off our entire stationery range from now until Friday 4th April.

The National Stationery Week website says "If you have children, tell them why writing by hand is important and encourage them to write a card or letter to their grandparents or a friend. "
We think this is a lovely idea!
Did you know our stationery range now includes a brand new sticker set?  You can see our full range of stationery at our website.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Be Inspired By... Fabric // Quilts & Cushions!

Some of you may remember Dianne who is very crafty and clever and has helped us a lot with our cross stitch patterns. She has made her grand daughter a quilt from our Belle Hugs Boo Quilting Panel and made her future grand child (arriving in June!) a gorgeous Boo cushion from our 'Hello Boo' fabric

Gorgeous homemade Belle & Boo goodness. 

If you've made anything lovely with our any of our fabrics, we'd love to see. Email us the photos or tag the photos on instagram with the hashtag #belleandboo!

Love, Clare

Monday, 24 March 2014

A fun week

I thought the week might feel a bit flat after the excitement of the boys birthday last week but no the fun continued. We had a mini photo shoot on Tuesday of our new oil cloth apron and bags, we are waiting for the official photos but here's a sweet snap I took of May (Kate's daughter) & her little friend Ruby.

Then on Thursday a lovely friend of mine invited me to a night in London to see a preview of the 
X-factor spoof musical 'I can't Sing'. 

Most excitingly we are having some work done on the kitchen, more pics to follow, but consequently whilst it is going ahead we have a little capsule kitchen in the corner.

We have had a mass of balloons around the house for the week but yesterday rather cruelly I decided they had to go and I showed the boys how to pop them, it was a balloon massacre they enjoyed themselves tremendously, I am not sure balloons will be safe in their company from now on!